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Age of Wushu: Legends of Mount Hua expansion launching Aug. 8

Age of Wushu's first expansion, Legends of Mount Hua, will launch Aug. 8 in North America, developer Snail Games announced via press release.

Legends of Mount Hua will introduce new story events, a battle arena, an elite faction and a special competition to the game. Players will be able to compete for honorific titles, costumes and weapons in the Mount Hua Competition and test their skills in the Youyun Sixteen Arena, which offers combat with more than 80 players.

For more about Age of Wushu's emphasis on Chinese tradition, fighting skills and human trafficking, check out our interview with content generation lead Tyler Rawlins. The martial arts-steeped massively multiplayer online game launched on April 10, following its success in China.

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