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The Controller Project aims to help disabled gamers with custom hardware

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The Controller Project is an organization started by Caleb Kraft to connect "people with a little bit of DIY knowledge" and disabled gamers through custom-built hardware, according to the organization's official website.

Check out the video above to see KOLR reporter Justin Dougherty interview Kraft and Thomas Canter, a young gamer with muscular dystrophy who uses one of Kraft's homemade, customizable controllers.

"I started the Controller Project as a way to connect tinkerers with people in need, " Kraft said.

According to its official website, the Controller Project is a way to make customizable controllers more affordable to those who could benefit from them.

"Custom gaming controllers can mean a lot of things," the site reads. "They could be big easy buttons for someone with muscle control issues or they could be a fancy cockpit for someones favorite flight sim. Either way, off-the-shelf systems are disgustingly expensive and are often not quite what is needed for the job.

"People with a little bit of DIY knowledge can step in and make their own. They can even make them for other people. This is the place for that to happen."