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Elder Scrolls Online will feature multi-functional player roles, 'pack mentality' monster behaviors

The Elder Scrolls Online will feature a skill system that allows players to be multi-functional in the roles they choose, according to a blog post on the game's official website.

The post includes details on different roles players can take, as well as how they can swap between them. In one example given, if the group healer is knocked out, a player could swap out their two-handed sword in favor of a restorative staff. This in turn activates a second hotbar, which can store separate abilities.

The Elder Scrolls Online's monsters will operate on a "pack mentality," meaning that all enemies within a room are aware of each other and will fight back when one is attacked. Although these monsters won't all attack at once, others might jump in if players stray too close.

Check out the full post for more details on roles such as tanking, damage per second and healing and how monsters will function.

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