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Viscera Cleanup Detail now available for pre-order

Viscera Cleanup Detail now available for pre-order

RuneStorm's space janitor simulation game, Viscera Cleanup Detail, is now available for pre-order for $5, the developers announced today.

The game, in which players take on the role of a janitor on a space station that has just seen an epic, gory battle between humans and aliens, was made as part of an internal game jam, and its alpha version was released for free on RuneStorm's website. Those who are interested in the alpha can still download it free of charge, but a pre-order of the completed, DRM-free version of the game is now also available.

According to the developers, the alpha prototype is still in its very early stages, so those who download it should not "expect it to be perfect or resemble a completed game at all."

If players pre-order the game now, they will receive a copy when the final game is completed. Pre-orders include early access builds and a Steam key if the game is greenlit.

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