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Indie studio developing mobile game to pinpoint genetic causes of cancer

Guerrilla Tea and Cancer Research UK are teaming up to develop a mobile phone game called GeneGame to help pinpoint new genetic causes of cancer, the companies announced.

GeneGame is slated to for release on smartphones later this year in the U.K.. Cancer Research UK work is based on finding ways to treat patients based their "genetic fingerprint" but the method creates "terabytes upon petabytes of data" that require analysis." Through the game, the researchers hope that it will assist in analysing Cancer Research UK's gene data as the data needs to be analysed by the human eye rather than machines.

Dr Joanna Reynolds, director of science information, Cancer Research UK, hopes that the game will be not only fun to play but "will play a crucial role in developing new cancer cures sooner."

"We're absolutely delighted to have been selected by Cancer Research UK for this project," Mark Hastings, CEO of Guerrilla Tea. "We've always believed games technology has the potential to provide huge benefits to other sectors and this project will be a wonderful example of that.

The developer was chosen by the Cancer Research UK because it fulfilled the brief to create a develop a fun game, while feeding the analysis of gene data to the researchers.

"We were very impressed by the initial format produced by Guerrilla Tea and we're excited about seeing the final result," said Amy Carton, citizen science lead for Cancer Research UK.

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