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Star Ocean: Material Trader launching this year in Japan

Square Enix will release a new social role-playing card game based on the Star Ocean series called Star Ocean: Material Trader, Siliconera reports.

According to the site, the game takes place in the year 5xx. Material Trader's hero will journey to find "Star Shards" while collecting cards based off different characters and items from the long-running series. The game progresses through a series of quests, which will earn players experience and money. Material Trader will reportedly reintroduce the item creation system from previous titles, which will give players the ability to create accessories that can be equipped onto cards.

Series producer Yoshinori Yamagishi will run the project, which is being developed by Square Enix's smartphone division, Hippos Labs. Star Ocean: Material Trader will launch in Japan for iOS and Android this year. Release dates for other regions have not been announced.

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