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End of Nations hasn't 'drastically changed' from its core values

Trion Worlds' online real-time strategy title turned multiplayer battle arena game, End of Nations, isn't as different as players might expect, executive producer Scot Lane told RTSguru.

End of Nations made the transition from an RTS to a MOBA earlier this month. In battle, players command heroes, powerful characters that enhance units and offer special skills. According to Lane, heroes are now the "center point" in battles, but the biggest change is to the game's tactical leveling.

"A big concern we had previously was that battles and tactics didn't really change because everyone was exactly the same at the beginning and end," Lane said. "The addition of tactical leveling opens up lots of different strategies throughout a battle. Combat is very similar but faster, and we've made a lot of changes to the UI. We don't feel we drastically changed the game at its core, we brought what we felt were the best parts up to the surface and removed some stuff that wasn't working."

End of Nations' alpha servers went back online earlier this week. The game is currently still in invite-only testing; those interested in joining can register for an invitation on the game's website.