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Xbox One controller rumble makes Forza 5 players better drivers, Turn 10 says

The added haptic feedback features in the Xbox One controller are helping players become better drivers in Forza Motorsport 5, said Turn 10 Studios creative director Dan Greenawalt today. Speaking at a San Diego Comic-Con panel focused on Xbox One, Greenawalt said the next-gen controller better relays information about tires and braking in the game.

In addition to featuring rumble in the base of the Xbox One gamepad, a pair of motors near the controller's triggers provide additional rumble. That allows Turn 10 to deliver haptic feedback designed to simulate the collision and vibration on the car's chassis, as well as communicate information from the wheels. Greenawalt said those upper motors allow Turn 10 to simulate the feeling of tires breaking loose under traction and the sensation of an anti-lock braking system kicking in.

Greenawalt said that as a result of that "three dimensional feedback," Turn 10 is "finding people driving better and doing it much more competently with just their fingers." He said that Turn 10 is finding players will turn off some of the game's driving assists, thanks to that added feedback.

Forza Motorsport 5 is scheduled to launch alongside the Xbox One in November.

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