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Gods Will Be Watching reaches funding goal in three days

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Deconstructeam's point-and-click moral puzzle game, Gods Will Be Watching, achieved its crowd funding goal less than 72 hours after it launched.

Gods Will Be Watching was originally created for a Ludum Dare game jam; Deconstructeam turned to IndieGoGo to help fund a remake. The game focuses heavily on difficult decisions and moral dilemmas. Players will solve puzzles that have an ethical implication, though actions are not labeled as good or evil.

The developer has already added several stretch goals for the remainder of the campaign. At €10,000, the campaign's next goal, the game will receive an additional difficulty mode and New Game + mode. Other stretch goals include unlockable back stories, free downloadable content and voice acting.

Gods Will Be Watching ends fundraising Aug. 15. At the time of this posting, it's raised more than €9,000 with the help of about 220 backers.