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Dead Rising 3 video details new enemies, gameplay and more

Dead Rising 3 will be all about "improvisational gameplay," brutal zombie slaying and using anything you can find as a weapon, according to a new interview with the developers.

"Zombie Apocalypse Evolved," which you can watch above, features three of Dead Rising's creators explaining many of the game's new features and creatures. According to producer Mike Jones, Dead Rising 3 will be larger than both previous games combined "multiple times over." Its new zombies — including cops, prisoners and even football players — will be more intelligent and more dangerous than previous iterations.

"Every zombie is a snowflake," Jones said.

Dead Rising 3 will also use the Xbox One's Kinect to make audio more impactful. Executive producer and creative lead Josh Bridge explained that players will be able to distract zombies just by yelling at them.

Dead Rising 3 was announced exclusively for Xbox One during Microsoft's E3 press conference. The game stars a new protagonist, Nick Ramos, who finds himself in trouble after a massive outbreak in the city of Los Perdidos. Dead Rising 3 is expected to launch this holiday.

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