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Survarium open beta expected by year's end for Russian regions

Developer Vostok Games is aiming to launch the open beta for Survarium, the spiritual successor to STALKER 2, by the end of the year for Russian-speaking territories, Oleg Yavorsky told Rock, Paper, Shotgun.

Survarium will include a PvP, PvE and co-op mode, though the beta will only feature the game's PvP mode.

"PvP provides for session-based play experience where two teams fight with each other on dedicated maps," Yavorsky said. "The goal of the players is not only to frag each other, but also to locate valuable game objects (highlighted) and deliver those to their base, all to help their team survive the ‘Storm' — an inevitable deadly blast of energy covering the location by the end of the session."

Yavorsky added that the team will continue to work on other game modes and features. Additionally, Vostok is looking into releasing Survarium's early version in other territories, including Europe, North America and Asia.

"In the context of the ongoing Alpha test, we plan on launching the international (English-speaking) version for testing very soon, so stay tuned," Yavorsky said.

The free-to-play massively multiplayer online first-person shooter entered closed alpha testing in May.

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