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Facebook board game encourages players to stop using the internet

A Facebook-based board game from graphic designer Pat C. Klein encourages players to get off their computers and meet with friends in real life.

According to Klein's website, Facebook: The Board Game was created "to persuade people to stop using the internet forever."

"As a young person living in the digital age, I feel as though the internet is affecting our ability to communicate with one another," Klein wrote on his site. "Research done by Stanford University has indicated that social networking sites like Facebook can increase loneliness, depression and insecurity. Facebook: The Board Game was created as a response to this. The idea is that instead of engaging with Facebook on your computer or phone, you can arrange to meet up with friends, have a few drinks and play in real life."

Set up similar to Monopoly, the game has different events players trigger by landing on them. If you account is "suspended," you lose a turn. Players who are in a relationship must break up when landing on the corresponding square, and the game includes hazards like account hacking or forgetting your log-in.

Facebook: The Board Game is currently not available to purchase, though Klein hopes to eventually fund and sell the game. Check out more photos over at Klein's website.

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