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Middle of Nowhere dumps players into a rundown nightmare world

Indie survival horror game Middle of Nowhere unceremoniously dumps players in an abandoned town removed from our reality, a maze of run-down shacks and overgrown woods filled with nightmarish creatures that were once human.

In Middle of Nowhere, players control Isaac, a father trying to care for his daughter Emily. Emily has premonitions of an otherworldly town called Nowhere, and after a fatal car crash Isaac wakes up to find himself in Nowhere and Emily missing. Players will have to search through eerie swamps, freezing caves, dungeons and an abandoned, rotten city to find her, all the while trying to avoid catching the eye of one of the world's deadly inhabitants.

The world is overrun with a handful of creatures that players will have to fight should have to fight if they encounter them. Splinters, seemingly skinless creatures with sharp teeth and long tongues, are a "medical deformed nightmare" that will eat you alive if given the chance. Creepers are larger, flesh-eating spiders and the "Screaming Nurse" is a syringe-wielding entity that can no longer be called human.

Currently the development team for Middle of Nowhere is creating the title for Windows PC and will re-launch their Kickstarter campaign, which was briefly posted then canceled earlier this month, in the near future.

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