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Disappearing floor platformer Do Not Fall hits PS3 tomorrow

Xpec Entertainment's platformer Do Not Fall, which features floor pieces that will disappear or spring traps in an attempt to toss players into oblivion, will launch tomorrow for PlayStation 3, the developer announced today on the PlayStation Blog.

Xpec built the game around one idea: "What if the floor disappeared after you stepped on it?" The studio first developed the game's four-player mulitplayer mode, which can be played either cooperatively or competitively — players can help each other out or attempt to push each other into traps or off the edge of each track. Different multiplayer modes set up different activities on these floating, disappearing platforms, including soccer matches tasking players with scoring shots and making the other team drop the ball.

Xpec's Farl Lee writes in the post that the single-player campaign for Do Not Fall was developed later, an expansion of the core idea of racing along platforms that could disappear at any moment. Players will run through courses with shattering floors and traps, but in this mode players will have the ability to jump and dash.

"If you get frustrated from falling, please don't throw your controller — our game doesn't come with an insurance policy for your controller," Lee wrote.

Do Not Fall will be available to download tomorrow via the PlayStation Network for $9.99.

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