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Castle of Illusion dev diary talks "Disney moments"

The second behind-the-scenes video for the remake of Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse discusses working with the world's most famous mouse and creating "Disney moments."

"I think I employ 35 people that love Mickey," says Sega Studios Australia studio director Marcus Fielding, "so making them happy, I think, is a good indication that the audience is going to be happy." Mickey Mouse is a character who mixes both bravery and kindness in his own sort of charm, and Fielding says that it's important to respect "the style of Mickey" and not reinvent him.

"One thing that I always think about Disney," says lead artist Dean Ferguson, "is that at a word or a spell something's going to come to life." Fielding says that the game's library level, where Mickey contends with giant books, is where he had his first "Disney moment." "I'm jumping along the books, there's a puff of smoke, the dust. The books fall beneath my feet, and there's an enemy, and it's an A. It's a letter A, and it's attacking me. I don't know many games where a letter can scare a grown man."

The remade Castle of Illusion hits Windows PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 this August.

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