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Xbox One will record last five minutes of gameplay

Xbox One will allow users to capture the last five minutes of gameplay, Microsoft Studios creative director said during San Diego Comic-Con.

The recording system, also known as Project Upload, will allow users to grab footage both on or offline. While discussing the Xbox One version of Killer Instinct, viewable via GameSpot, Lobb explained that "the idea is that you're always recording."

"The last five minutes of any game you're playing is always being stored locally on your hard drive," Lobb said.

Lobb gave two scenarios in which the system's functionality could be used. In one, the user is playing online and can tell the Xbox to "grab the last 30 seconds and save it."

The second scenario was for a user playing a fighting game offline. The player could finish the match and then go back into the last five minutes of footage. Once there, they can edit the clip to create a video. Additionally, they'll be able to add voiceover, picture-in-picture or footage from the Kinect's camera.

The PlayStation 4, meanwhile, uses the console controller's "Share Button" to retrieve recordings and can capture 15 minutes of continuous gameplay. Users will be able to edit and then spread their footage via Ustream.

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