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FIFA 14 Ultimate Team mode detailed

EA Sports has detailed new additions to its popular Ultimate Team mode for FIFA 14.

Ultimate Team allows FIFA 14 players to construct their own ideal fantasy team based on professional soccer players, either by earning players or buying special player-packs. The Ultimate Team is taken out to compete against other players.

For FIFA 14, EA Sports is promising the following changes:

  • Footballers have individual style attributes that complement those of other players. This 'Chemistry System' has been extended allowing players to focus on individual skill-sets, which are enhanced by the FIFA 14 player's own style.
  • Players will be able to play single game matches online against rivals. EA Sports is calling this, "the community's most sought-after feature."
  • Seasons Mode features 10 divisions with promotion, relegation, titles and tournaments. It can be played online or offline and offers a new set of rewards such as coins, items, and players.
  • A new search interface is being implemented for transfers, allowing easier comparison data.
  • Players can customize squad kit numbers and set-piece takers directly from the squad screen.
  • Players bought via transfers must earn loyalty bonuses, while those bought in player-packs, do not.

Ultimate Team mode was introduced by EA Sports to allow players to create their own teams, usually by progressively adding ever-better players. The mode generates millions of dollars for the company, as players seek out their favorite stars to add to their teams.