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Indie devs discuss sales successes and failures on Ouya

Ouya's indie game sales hit across the board for participating developers, according to a recent feature from Gamasutra.

Speaking with the publication, BombSquad developer Eric Froemling and Hidden in Plain Sight creator Adam Spragg were happy with their Ouya sales. According to Spragg, Hidden in Plain Sight has already sold more than 1,900 units, which he said is better than he'd hoped for. Froemling said that numbers seemed to drop off for everyone after the "initial few-week surge."

Developers Rami Ismail of Vlambeer and Shay Pierce of Get on Top fame said that sales were about what they expected. Ismail called download numbers "solid" and added that the Ouya "seems like a viable platform to co-develop for."

Ryan Wiemeyer of Organ Trail developer The Men Who Wear Many Hats and Bombball creator E. McNeill, however, were disappointed. Wiemeyer said that Organ Trail sold only half of his low-end predictions with 501 purchases from 13,122 downloads — about 0.1 percent of the game's total sales to date. The developer added that he doesn't know "if it was worth the man hours yet."

McNeill said that though he knew he was making a game that was difficult to sell, he let his expectations "get inflated over time," and is disappointed with the Bombball's sales.

Joe Albrethsen of Mura Interactive said that sales were hard to comment on, as DubWars is not yet a finished game.

We spoke with Towerfall dev Matt Thorson last week, who told us the game sold about 2,000 copies on Ouya. Check out the full interview for more on the game and its presence on the system.

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