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Spelunky getting daily challenges on Steam

Spelunky's Steam version will ship with competitive daily challenges at its Aug. 8 release, the developers announced today on the game's official website.

The Steam-exclusive mode will pit players against a randomly generated adventure every day. Everyone will get a single chance to best the daily challenge and have their results ranked on a leaderboard.

"One chance ... each day. For guts ... for glory," the website reads. "No excuses! Since everyone plays the same adventure during the daily, you'll be able to know for certain who's the top Spelunky player in your tribe — we've already been having a great time competing against one another behind the scenes!"

Beginning next Sunday, July 28, Douglas Wilson (J.S. Joust) and Zach Gage (Ridiculous Fishing, SpellTower) will broadcast daily runs online, along with a few Xbox supporters of the game.

Spelunky, the randomly generated platformer that was updated and released on Xbox Live Arcade last year, will be released Aug. 8 on Steam and For more on the game's journey from free-to-play to XBLA, be sure to check out Polygon's feature about Spelunky creator Derek Yu. You can also check out our review of the XBLA version.