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Caffeine pill maker targets gamers in PAX East-focused ad

PAX East and its gaming attendees take center stage in the latest ad for the Vivarin Caffeine "alertness aid," which shows attendees praising the caffeine pill as a way to stay awake and alert during gaming sessions.

According to, the ad was last aired this morning on G4 and aired yesterday on Cartoon Network during an episode of animated sitcom Bob's Burgers. The ad shows PAX East attendees playing games and talking about Vivarin's product.

Vivarin's product page states the pill contains 200 mg of caffeine "with no hidden ingredients" and is designed to help users "stay alert, focused, and awake." The company notes the pill is not a sleep substitute, but rather a "safe, fast, pick-up anytime you experience fatigue or drowsiness."

When contacted for comment, a spokesperson for Vivarin told Polygon that the PAX East, gamer-focused ad is currently the only television commercial they are running for the product.

"At this moment this is the only Vivarin Spotlight we are running on TV, we hope in the near future we have other ones," the spokesperson said. "The reason we went with the gaming convention, is because those events are long, tiring, so people want and need to stay awake."

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