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Explore woods and fight undead with the Dragonborn in this Skyrim fan film

Cosplayer and propmaker Shannon Clawson has taken his love for The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim to impassioned heights, bringing to life costumes and props he built himself in a short fan film, "Journey's End."

In the video above, published on YouTube by TheDangerousBrew, Clawson roams the snowy woods sporting a Dragonborn helmet he made himself last year. Clawson and his compatriots take on the roles of the Dovahkiin, a wily Necromancer and undead bandits in this action-packed short.

Clawson and crew were reportedly able to complete the entire four-and-a-half minute film for $100, which is impressive — as is Clawson's skill with a sword.

Check out "Journey's End" above and Clawson's YouTube channel for a look into how he makes his props.

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