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Classic Amiga games coming to Android via Google Play

Amiga Games, Inc. will publish its classic games for Android devices beginning this holiday, parent company Writers' Group Film Corp announced today.

Amiga Games, which has released ports of many 16-bit Amiga computer titles to modern consoles and mobile devices, has been approved by Google to launch its games through the Google Play online marketplace.

"Android is the fastest growing platform on the planet and we're excited to be in Google's marketplace," said CEO of Writers' Group Film Corp Eric Mitchell. "These developments will further strengthen our competitive advantage in the gaming marketplace. AGI's classic titles focus on delivering a quality retro-gaming experience for the consumer, so I am very optimistic about our new distribution arrangements."

Earlier this month, Amiga announced that the company, along with its library of more than 300 titles, had been purchased by Los Angeles-based distribution company Writers' Group Film Corp for $500,000.

Update: An earlier version of the article was worded in a way that suggested Amiga Games published its own 16-bit titles — the company actually publishes ports of games from the original Amiga computer. We have changed the wording to reflect this and apologize for any confusion.

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