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Beyond: Two Souls dev diary discusses giving life a UI

A new behind-the-scenes video for Quantic Dream's Beyond: Two Souls speaks with members of the team about topics like the game's user interface and accessibility.

The game's writer/director David Cage often has a vision of how his script would translate into gameplay, and matching that vision is very important, says gameplay designer Simon Wasselin. If what the team creates doesn't jibe with Cage's vision, it's back to the drawing board.

At the same time, it was very important to create a user interface that was intuitive and usable while not impeding a player's sense of immersion. The team eventually decided to use little white dots to mark things that players could interact with; if players were unable to progress intuitively through a section in testing then meetings would revolve around how to solve those issues.

The full video also discusses the movement of the Entity and the difficulties in creating a game that takes place over fifteen years of protagonist Jodie's life, from childhood and adolescence to adulthood.

Beyond: Two Souls hits PlayStation 3 in October.

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