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Buy Sarah's Mech to support cancer charity

MechWarrior Online maker Piranha Games and publisher Infinite have released a custom mech, in honor of a little girl who passed away earlier this year.

A custom Jenner Class Chassis Champion class called 'Sarah's Mech' is available now for pilots to purchase for $10 through August 20. All proceeds are going to the Canadian Cancer Society.

Five-year-old Sarah Marie Alida Parries enjoyed playing MechWarrior Online with her dad. According to a post on the MechWarrior forums, she "loved speeding around with night-vision and lots of medium lasers so she could 'get 'em good' blazing through the Inner Sphere with her father Jon. Sarah was an excellent sport and shared her dad's passion for BattleTech." Sarah died in May, in Vancouver.

More information here.

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