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Xbox Live, Xbox website experiencing issues (update)

Xbox Live users are experiencing problems when trying to sign in to their Xbox 360s, access console apps and more, according to an update from the Xbox Live status page.

The full list of outages includes Games for Windows Live, Windows 8, Windows Phone, Xbox 360 Console and the Xbox website. An update posted to the status page at 3:34 p.m. ET acknowledges the downtime and promises that the team is currently working on a fix; the same applies for an update posted at 3:36 p.m. about users being unable to access video content on Xbox 360. According to an update posted at 4:37 p.m. ET, some visitors to the Xbox site are unable to post in the Xbox forums.

"For our members that are currently unable to sign in to their Xbox Live accounts, we're right here with you," the post reads. "We've got our team engaged and they are working hard to get everything back to normal as expediently as possible. You're being so patient while we're working, and we really appreciate you! We'll update you on our progress as soon as we have more information."

We've reached out to Microsoft regarding the downtime and will update this article accordingly.

Samit Sarkar contributed to this report.

[Thanks, Jason!]

Update: has been removed from the list of issues. As of this time, users may still have problems signing in and accessing video content.

Update 2: Microsoft responded with the following:

"We don't have anything additional to share at this time. The team is working on it and will continue to update the support page."

According to the support page, all functionality has been restored.

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