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PS4 user interface images offer a clearer look at mobile, tablet integration

Sony Computer Entertainment released a handful of updated and new images of the PlayStation 4 user interface as it will appear on the console itself and the associated app for smartphones and tablets. While some of the images have been seen before — some of them in action in this PS4 UI video — the newly released images help illustrate things a bit better.

In particular, a pair of images for the PS4's smartphone interface offer a better look at how user profiles and a "live detail view" of a game like Knack will appear — and how the latter will differ in appearance on the larger screen of a tablet.

For a cleaner, updated look at some of the PlayStation 4's social features and interface — and how owners of the next-gen console are destined to socialize within a circle of model-quality friends and acquaintances — check out the gallery above.

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