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God of War: Ascension The Mythological Heroes Co-Op Weapons DLC

SCE Santa Monica released a God of War: Ascension "multi-mayhem" co-op weapons trailer for The Mythological Heroes Co-Op Weapons DLC pack, which is now available for God of War: Ascension multiplayer.

Based on ancient Greece's mythological heroes, the DLC includes the Sword and Armor of Orion, Hammer and Armor of Odysseus, Sword and Armor of Perseus and Spear and Armor of Achilles. The DLC also includes a bonus 24-hour double XP boost and more than ten possible co-op moves.

According SCE Santa Monica, co-op moves are executed by following these steps:

  • Equip one of the four co-op weapons
  • Enter any multiplayer mode for God of War: Ascension
  • Execute either your L1 triangle or L1 square special attacks
  • Upon special attack execution, a green halo will appear over your champion’s head
  • Have a teammate tether you when the green halo appears to begin the co-op move

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