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Namco Bandai, ex-LucasArts devs working on new arcade IP

Namco Bandai's Singapore studio is currently working on a new IP for arcades, the company told GameSpot.

The studio currently has 15 employees working on the game, including a handful of developers who previously worked at LucasArts' Singapore branch. Namco Bandai stated the arcade game, which began development last month, would launch worldwide with a release date to be announced "in the near future."

Division manager for amusement machine group 2 Makoto Ishii said Namco Bandai currently has no plans to release the game on home consoles. Ishii also did not confirm whether or not the new IP will be linked to previous Namco Bandai franchises, such as the Tekken and Tales series.

Namco Bandai Singapore president Hajime Nakatani also said that moving forward, the studio will focus on game development, including work outsourced by Namco's Japanese headquarters. There is also a possibility it will set up a localization division in the future.

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