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Nvidia's powerful Kepler GPU gets smaller, coming to mobile & Shield

Nvidia is bringing its latest desktop graphics technology, Kepler, to mobile devices, and the company is showing off the upcoming processor at the annual SIGGRAPH conference this week with a demo running on the new hardware.

This past March, Nvidia showed a demo of a human head modeled in real time. Known as "Ira," the demo was running on a desktop computer equipped with an Nvidia Titan, the company's most powerful single-GPU video card. This week, Nvidia is running "Ira" on Project Logan, the next generation of the company's Tegra mobile processor. You can watch a video of the new demo above.

Project Logan's power consumption is approximately 2 watts, less than one-third the power required by GPUs in modern tablets such as the newest iPad. The technology supports the latest graphics standards, including OpenGL 4.4 and DirectX 11, and Epic Games is demoing Unreal Engine 4 content on Logan at SIGGRAPH this week.

According to Nvidia, mobile devices running Logan will start shipping in the first half of 2014, and a representative for the company confirmed to The Verge that a future model of the Nvidia Shield handheld will feature the processor. You can see a different demo of Logan, called "Island," below.

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