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Nintendo not currently looking to work with Japanese indie devs

Nintendo isn't currently accepting applications from Japanese indie developers to make Wii U games, the company confirmed to CVG today.

The initial report came about yesterday on Kotaku, as a Nintendo questionnaire from the 2013 Game Developers Conference this past March was making the rounds on Twitter in Japan. The form, with which prospective Wii U developers could apply to become licensed to make games on the platform, began with this note: "We are not accepting applications from developers located in Japan at this time."

In a statement to CVG, Nintendo confirmed the restriction is still in place today, saying, "The policy in question is the decision of Nintendo's department responsible for licensing activities in each region, and the licensing department of Nintendo is currently not accepting subject applications from individuals in Japan."

Nintendo remains open to indie developers in other regions, however. According to Retro City Rampage creator Brian Provinciano of Vblank Entertainment, the company offers Wii U developers a free license to develop in the Unity engine and allows them to self-publish those games — "no pitching, no negotiation."

A representative for Nintendo of America told Polygon today that that branch of Nintendo has no comment on this issue.

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