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Indie Royale bundle offers eight titles including Dead Pixels, Antipole and more

The "Indie Gamer Chick" Indie Royale bundle is now out, featuring eight Windows PC ports of Xbox Live Indie Games.

"Since November of 2008, XBLIG has played host to some of the most creative and innovative game developers on the indie scene," the Indie Gamer Chick announcement states. "In fact, if you're a regular patron of Indie Royale, you've already encountered many developers and games that got their start on XBLIG. And that's why I'm here today, to present you with eight PC ports of the best Xbox Live Indie Games ever made."

The eight-pack includes Dead Pixels, Chester, Antipole, LaserCat, Smooth Operators: Call Center Chaos, Little Racers Street, SpyLeaks and Orbitron: Revolution. All of the available titles are available for Windows PC either through direct download, Desura or Steam.

At the time of writing, the bundle can be purchased for roughly $4.61, while those who pay over $8.91 will also receive Gavin Harrison's album.