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Shadowrun Returns dev takes a 'bold new direction'

The next Harebrained Schemes game is a tabletop tactics title called Golem Arcana, Jordan Weisman, creator of Shadowrun Returns and the founder of Harebrained Schemes, announced on the game's official blog today.

"While it was tempting to start another tactical RPG project similar to Shadowrun Returns, we really believe in the potential that Kickstarter holds for launching new game worlds and experiences," Weisman wrote. "I had this idea brewing in the back of my head for awhile and we decided that now was the right time to launch a new Harebrained Scheme."

In the video above, Weisman discusses the new project and Golem Arcana.

"Is the first game that gets rid of the big rule books and the record keeping by using the a mobile device and a stylus we invented that interacts with the board and figure," Weisman said. "For instance, if I want to know what a region does, I just tap it and the information comes up [on the tablet]. if I want to know what this figure is capable of, i just tap the figure's name and the information comes up."

The core Hairbrained team will work on Shadowrun Returns, while a few employees will work on the new game. The project will launch on Kickstarter in August. Hairbrained's current title, Shadowrun Returns, launched for Windows PC, Mac, iOS and Android today, with a Linux version coming at a future date. For more about Shadowrun Returns, be sure to read our recent review.

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