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Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies asks you to defend a whale in court in upcoming DLC

Capcom announced its DLC plans for the next installment in the Phoenix Wright series, Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies, which is slated to include a pirate-themed case that will tie the new title with the story from the previous game in the series Apollo Justice.

The upcoming DLC episode, "Special Chapter: Turnabout Return," reveals Phoenix Wright's first case, which naturally features Wright attempt to defend an orca whale in court against murder charges. The game also includes the whale's pirate-obsessed trainer.

Additional DLC will feature a deduction quiz that will take place at Wright's office, along with additional costumes.

Dual Destinies is available today in Japan on 3DS. The game launches in Europe and North America later in the year as an eShop-only download.

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