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Mike Tyson couldn't beat Glass Joe in Punch-Out!!

Retired professional boxer Mike Tyson has had his fair share of wins and losses in the ring — but in the case of Nintendo's classic boxing arcade game Punch-Out!! it's entirely losses.

In a recent video interview with TMZ, Tyson is asked whether he ever beat the game. Tyson reveals that he just couldn't beat Glass Joe — the first boxer the player fights and the weakest character in the game.

"I couldn't even beat Glass f------- Joe," he said. "I couldn't beat Glass Joe, you know what I mean, I couldn't even play the game.

"I'm a late bloomer," he added. "I started playing games in 2006, 2007."

When prodded for his video game tastes, Tyson said he's a big fan of "Tour of Duty" and games featuring zombies. Check out the video above to hear it all from Tyson himself.

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