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Tropico 4 Voodoo DLC launches for Xbox 360, PC

Strategy sim title Tropico 4 received a new downloadable content pack for Xbox 360 and Windows PC today called Voodoo, Kalypso Media announced via press release.

In Voodoo, players will jump back into the role of El Presidente, dictator of Tropico, as he attempts to rid himself of a curse from a Soviet sorceress. In addition to the Voodoo Curse mission, the pack includes a new character trait, the Voodoo Manor building and Voodoo Priest costume.

Tropico 4 launched in 2011. Kalypso Media has since released seven DLC packs, including Vigilante, Megalopolis and Pirate Heaven. Like previous packs, Voodoo costs $4.99. The Windows PC version will be available via Steam or Kalypso.

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