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Total War: Rome 2 video walks through the campaign map

A new video from The Creative Assembly gives an overview of factions, cities and the campaign map in the upcoming Total War: Rome 2.

In the video, TCA's Patricia Ryniak and Dominique Starr start with an overview of the factions and sub-factions. Playing as Rome grants your heavy troops an experience bonus, and within Rome the Cornelia family can raise higher taxes while the Julia family converts conquered areas to Roman culture more quickly.

The video then switches to an overview of the campaign map from the perspective of Carthage, showing cities all across the Mediterranean. The Carthaginian cities are celebrating, giving them a population growth bonus, while their hated Roman foe has been ousted from Rome by the Etruscan League. As Starr remarks, the game isn't exactly always faithful to history.

Total War: Rome 2 hits Windows PC in September.

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