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Ridiculous Fishing updated to let you play your own music, use knife

Ridiculous Fishing developer Vlambeer updated the iOS title to version 1.1 today, adding new elements like custom soundtracks.

The patch fixes minor bugs and small annoyances that occasionally made the game frustrating for players. For example, the main character now has a knife with which he can cut the fishing line to instantly restart an attempt.

"No longer will you have to wait until the line comes all the way back up just trying to catch that one last fish," said Vlambeer.

"It's not for killing fish, though," the studio clarified. "It would be absurd to kill fish with knives or the like."

Vlambeer also offered a more cryptic explanation of some of the content in today's update, saying, "The most mythical of places now has a few new fish and patterns for the Eagler Award-winning anglers amongst you, including the all-new Friend Fishes hidden in the depths of the oceans. Finally, one final addition asks you not to dive into the depths, but to raise it into the skies."

Ridiculous Fishing is available for $2.99 exclusively on iOS.

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