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Wonderful 101 gameplay video shows transforming boss fights

A new gameplay trailer for Platinum's The Wonderful 101 focuses on the transformation powers of the city's Wonderful 100 defense force.

Each of the main heroes is defined by their costume color and power; the red hero transforms the team into a magical fist, the blue hero into a sword, and the pink hero into a whip. These transformations can be used to interact with the environment as well as attack enemies, as the green hero's gun can be used to move projectiles as well as shoot things.

The heroes can also combine their strengths in non-combat powers, like transforming into a glider or a chain that connects two train cars together.

The video also introduces us to a villain who seems to have the transformation power of the Wonderful 100 himself. A boss battle against a three-headed dragon monster appears to play out in multiple genres, from the game's standard third-person action to a section reminiscent of a shooter.

The Wonderful 101 hits Wii U in North America in September, and everywhere else in August.