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Escape Goat 2 busting out this September

Magical Time Bean's sequel to 2011's puzzle platformer, Escape Goat 2, will launch on Sept. 10 for Windows PC, according to a tweet by the game's designer Ian Stocker.

Players can pre-order the game from Magical Time Bean's website for $8.00. According to Stocker, an Xbox Live Indie Game release isn't cemented "primarily because the 360 is being sunsetted" and depends on how long it will take to port the game to the console, but "we'll see about other consoles."

In Escape Goat 2, players must escape a series of dungeons as a goat who is imprisoned for witchcraft. The developers released a new trailer for Escape Goat 2 last month, showcasing the game's puzzles and overhauled graphics by Artist Randy O'Connor, known for working on Waking Mars.

The title is currently collecting votes on Steam Greenlight. The first Escape Goat is available on Windows PC, web browsers and Xbox Live Indie Games. Players can check out Escape Goat user-created levels on the official Esacpe Goat forum.