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Google developing set-top box with camera and motion sensor

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During the Consumer Electronics Show, Google privately showed off a prototype of a set-top box device featuring a camera and motion sensor, the Wall Street Journal reports.

According to the Wall Street Journal, demonstrations of the Android-operated device were led by then Google executive, Andy Rubin. Citing sources, the report states that the device allowed streaming of YouTube videos, TV shows and movies, with a core feature of Google’s video-conference, Hangouts. Through the device, users could also use Android apps and games, as well as "potentially" accessing media services like Netflix and Pandora.

The report of a camera and motion sensor device follows last month’s news that Google is developing an Android-powered gaming console, along with an Android-operated, internet-connected wrist watch and is aiming to release one of the devices this fall. As previously reported, Google plans to design and market the console and watch itself.