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Report: Ouya, PS3 Super Slim most energy-efficient consoles

Energy-conscious shopping platform Enervee launched its video game console category yesterday, with the Ouya and PS3 Super Slim model topping the company's list of the most energy-efficient gaming hardware, the company announced.

To determine which consoles are the most energy-efficient, Enervee calculates a console's performance per power consumption. For gaming consoles, Enervee takes into account the hardware's CPU, GPU and system memory — all of which have the greatest impact on the console's energy consumption. These numbers are then converted into an Enervee score, a number between 0 and 100 that best reflects how well the console holds up under Enervee's energy-smart criteria.

Based on Enervee's criteria, the average energy-efficient score for gaming hardware is 78. But according to Enervee's website, the Ouya Android microconsole is currently the most energy-efficient gaming hardware on the market with a 100 rating. Right behind Ouya is the 500 GB model of the PS3 Super Slim with a 96 rating, followed by both the 8 GB and 32 GB Wii U models with a 93. Directly following the Wii U is its predecessor, the Wii, with a rating of 90.

Enervee also estimates that the upcoming PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles will be some of the better consoles on the market in terms of energy consumption, giving them both tentative scores of 100 with energy costs of $141 and $154 respectively over a period of five years.

Enervee also evaluates and rates other home appliances, including televisions, dishwashers, washing machines, dryers and refrigerators. This spring, Enervee launched website integration with Amazon's Marketplace, which will now list electronics and appliances rated with Enervee's score.

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