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Puppeteer trailer makes the case for decapitation

In a new video for SCE Japan Studio's Puppeteer, game director Gavin Moore explains that losing your head isn't always a terrible thing.

Staged in a mysterious, magical theater, Puppeteer tells the "strange, weird tale" of a boy who is snatched away from the Earth to the Moon, puts his soul in a wooden puppet and angers the moon-bear king. The moon-bear king eats the boy's head and throws him away, but as he inhabits the body of a puppet, he finds different objects he can use as heads that give him different powers as he makes his way home.

Puppeteer is a platformer, says Moore, because it is the "language of games." Even non-gamers, he says, understand how to move left and right and hit a button to jump, and a platformer only builds on that basic language.

In the video, Moore says he's most proud of the massive variety in the game's models and design. "Every single model that's been made, you might run past it in two seconds and never see it again." His staff might hate him for it, he says, but they're proud of the "pure craftsmanship" that went into it.

Puppeteer hits PlayStation 3 on September 10 in North America, and September 11 in Europe. Check out Polygon's pre-E3 preview of the theatrical platformer in the meantime.

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