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24 survival tips for The Last of Us multiplayer

The Last of Us' multiplayer mode 'Supply Raid' is all about team-work, stealth, limited ammo and crafting through resource finds.

Sony's PlayStation blog today is offering 24 survival tips, half from the team and half from fans on Twitter. Some of them are downright sneaky. "Shoot armored enemies in the legs to down them, then shoot off their armor so they don't spawn with it, then execute," offers Twitter user Daniel Pochop.

Nicholas Fonzo tips, "Never ever ever craft a medkit. You're wasting molotov supplies and you can find medkits all over the map."

According to Henrique Santiago, poor shots can score well, by healing. "If you're not good at shooting, stay close to your allies. Heal, revive and mark enemies. you get lots of parts." Parts are TLOU's multiplayer scoring mechanism.

From the PlayStation team, some useful hints on how to have a good time. "When selecting your play mode, do yourself a favor and select the 'no parties' matchmaking option. The toughest teams always roll in parties, and they'll cut you down lickety-split. Taking them out of the equation will give you a fighting chance if you're still learning the ropes."

Also, smoking is not prohibited in this world. "TLOU's smoke bombs are ridiculously effective. Obviously, they produce clouds of smoke that obscure the battlefield and help route enemy movement. Better still, these stinky saviors will stun all nearby enemies."

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