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The Besties 65 - Attack of the Giant Monsters from Outer Space

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The theme of this week's Besties is giant monsters. The gang discusses kaiju, space ants and malevolent monolithic mega corps from the not-so-distant future.

Like the summer's big films, a number of recent game releases are sci-fi allegories about the way we live now. Or in the case of Attack of the Friday Monsters, the way we lived way back when.

We also talk about the week's big news: Microsoft's indie marketplace strategy.

But the monsters are the thrust of the episode. I should probably mention there's another large monster that makes an appearance. It's possible you've met him before. He's from New York and has a long neck. I'll let him introduce himself.

  • 3:30 - Best latest strategy update from Microsoft (Xbox One indie self-publishing)
  • 15:00 - Best game you can't buy in the US (Earth Defense Force 4)
  • 22:15 - Halftime!
  • 28:20 - Best game you can buy in the US, unexpectedly (Attack of the Friday Monsters)
  • 37:05 - Best mechanic with the worst implementation (Remember Me)
  • 45:15 - The winner is ...

Theme song by Ian Dorsch

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