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Responsiveness and control improvements headed to NHL 14

NHL 14, Electronic Arts' upcoming installment in the long-running hockey series, will bring improvements focused on character control and responsiveness to the virtual rink, according to a developer diary published today.

Unveiled last year as EA's new engine to power physics-based movement, True Performance Skating brought more than 1,000 new animations and more realistic movement to the objects that traversed the rink. This year's changes to True Performance Skating make the engine more robust and allow for new defensive options.

In NHL 14, players will be able to strafe laterally for better defensive play while facing the puck, allowing defenders to guide, check and steal from the offense in new ways. They'll also be able to pivot faster, as well as cut and turn quicker at higher speeds. All of the new features are part of an ongoing effort to make the gameplay more responsive and realistic.

NHL 14 is set for a Sept. 13 release on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. For more on EA's series, be sure to check out our retrospective interview with producer Sean Ramjagsingh. For a bit of blue ice over on the game's less realistic side, check out a trailer for NHL 14's NHL '94 Anniversary Mode.

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