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Liege achieves all stretch goals, enters finals hours of campaign

The Kickstarter for John Rhee's modern re-imagining of a 16-bit role-playing game, Liege, achieved all seven of its stretch goals and has entered the final hours of campaigning.

In Liege, players take on the role of ordinary characters who fall into "larger-than-life" circumstances. According to the latest update, the campaign's final goal was unlocked at $67,000 and adds a "significant upgrade" to character and environmental art, smoother animations and improved resolutions. The goal prior to that, set at $58,000, ensured that Liege will include a multi-stage playable sequence that its creators call "a pivotal moment in the story."

"You'll witness the fall of one of the Kingdom's greatest cities, which is the seat of power for one of its noble houses and home to some of the game's main characters," the update reads. "It will utilize some of our earlier stretch goals, including 'Mounts, Ships, Ports & The Sea and Bigger Battles' to their fullest potential and really showcase the game's smoke and fire effects. But more than anything else, I'm excited about reaching this goal because it will allow me to deliver one of the most dramatic moments in the game's story with maximum impact, and in its best possible form."

Liege has raised more than $73,000 of its proposed $15,000 goal. Last week, Rhee announced that development would also expand to PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, Linux and Wii U. The game's Kickstarter campaign ends today.

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