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Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies Quiz DLC won't see a western release

The three-part Quiz DLC for the next installment in the Phoenix Wright series, Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies, won't see a western release, according to the Capcom Unity blog.

"Unfortunately, the quiz DLC won't be coming to western territories since it requires an in-depth knowledge of Japanese culture," Capcom stated in response to a question whether the DLC will see a release in the region.

The three part Quiz DLC is part of the upcoming DLC episode, Special Chapter: Turnabout Return DLC. The DLC is headed for western release, just without the quiz component, and will feature additional costumes and a case where Phoenix Wright defends an orca whale in court against murder charges.

Dual Destinies launched last week in Japan on Nintendo 3DS and is slated to launch in Europe and North America later in the year. Producer Motehide Eshiro told Polygon that it will be released as an eShop-only download in the west to reduce the delay between the release of the product at retail in Japan and an English-language localized version in the west.