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Eve Online was the stage for the biggest space battle in history

The biggest space battle in Eve Online's history took place over the weekend, with over 2,900 ships destroyed over the course of the five-hour-long battle.

This resulted in over 4,000 players simultaneously battling on the single-server MMO, with developers forced to slow down time in-game by 90 percent to make allowances for lag.

The fight, which was streamed live on, took place in a system known as 6VDT between two of the game's biggest player alliances: TEST Alliance and the CFC. The battle began at roughly 3:54 p.m. ET, lasting until 9:18 p.m. ET last night, with CFC emerging as victors.

"The fleet fight in 6VDT-H tonight is the largest ever in EVE, topping at 4070 pilots (so far). Previous was P-2TTL at 3615. #tweetfleet," wrote the software director of Eve Online on Twitter.

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