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Donkey Kong dad proposed to his wife through a game

Long before developer Mike Mika hacked a 2010 Nintendo ROM of Donkey Kong for his daughter, he modified another game to propose to his wife.

Speaking with Wired during a recent GameLife interview, Mika explained that he snuck a little something extra into the Game Boy Color port of Atari Game Klax. Despite his hints for his then-girlfriend to play the game, however, both Klax and Mika's proposal went unnoticed. For years.

Mika considered proposing in a more conventional way but was hesitant to give up on his original idea. Eventually, he was contact by Tips and Tricks Magazine. The publication was searching for codes that had never been seen before, and Mika jumped at his chance. And article ran with specific instructions for his girlfriend to pick up Klax.

"The rest was history after that," Mika said.

You can watch the video above to hear Mika tell the tale. Check out our story on Mika's most recent gender-swapping hack for more on how Mika went from "the wedding guy" to the "Donkey Kong dad."

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