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Satellite Reign hits Kickstarter target

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Syndicate-inspired strategy game Satellite Reign has hit its Kickstarter target, raising £461,333 (around $700,000).

5 Lives Studios' 30-day crowdfunding campaign wound up yesterday, after originally aiming for £350,000. Much like the Bullfrog's original Syndicate (1993), Satellite Reign is an open-world, class-based strategy game, set in a cyberpunk city dominated by warring corporations. Players control a group of four characters, each with different capabilities and augmentations.

The Brisbane, Australia development team includes Syndicate Wars' lead Mike Diskett as well as veterans of L.A. Noire and the Grand Theft Auto and Darksiders series. It's being developed for Windows and Mac.

"The entire game-world is designed around emergent gameplay," stated the Kickstarter pitch. "Civilians, police and corporate soldiers will all react uniquely to your actions. Power conduits, communication networks and security systems are there for you to hijack, modify or destroy."

In 2012, Electronic Arts and Starbreeze Studios released a tactical shooter based on the Syndicate franchise, which Polygon rated at 8.5.